Serving Kalamazoo since 1974

Here is a picture from 1937. At this time the building was a Wall Paper store. The arrow points to our building just above the officers head.

Here is a photo of some graffiti that a construction worker left when President James A. Garfield Was shot July 2nd 1881. He died on September 19 1881. His presidency only lasted 200 days.

Our building was constructed during the early 1880's as is testament by some construction workers placing "graffiti" on the walls. This location has had a colorful history. It has survived a fire and some of the burn marks can still be seen upstairs on the ceiling. It has also been a boarding house,  a restaurant, a bank, a wall paper store, and since 1974, a print shop. Yes, there are rumors that the building is haunted and there have been ghost hunters that have come through and had some unusual things happen, but you be the judge.....

Facts about our Building